I was a film minor, but I specialized in animation. Here's an assortment of the films and projects I've completed from my courses.

The Guiding Witch

A young witch guides lost souls to the afterlife.


A spiritual successor to my very first animated attempt, Eggspectations, The Guiding Witch was my final project for my animation class in fall 2018. It was really fun to make something based on art and music that really inspire me.

Music: "Nucleus" by Aivi & Surasshu

Foiled Again!

A cop chases a robber across multiple dimensions - and mediums.

My most recent animation, my final project for my fall 2017 Intermediate Animation class. This was a big step up from my previous project, Eggspectations (shown below) in length, subject matter, and colors! I let myself be a little messy with this one and ended up having a ton of fun with it.

Music: "Foiled Again!" by Jack Wilds


A young witch girl patiently waits for her dragon egg to hatch.


This was my final project for my Beginning Animation class in spring 2017! I learned a lot from it and it set the course for me to make Foiled Again.

Music: "Lost Tales" by Lucas King

Voice: Anairis Quinones

The Witch Hat

Someone finds a witch hat and decides to have some fun.

This was a short exercise for my Beginning Animation class, but I liked it enough that I decided to add some music and make it into a mini-film! I really like working with clay and I'd like to do so more in the future.

Music: "Melodie Victoria" by Kevin MacLeod

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Fiddler Bard

My Pathfinder Bard character, Tally!